The Gentleman’s Cookbook – The Complete Step by Step Plan for Men on Valentine’s Day

Gentlemen, Here's The Truth:

Women Desire A Man Who Can Cook!

"I love it when a man cooks; it's one of the points that makes me adore a guy. I think it's so romantic and I feel cared for when a man cooks."
- Olga Kurylenko, actress


today’s modern men are not Real men anymore...

In the Stone Age, cavemen used to hunt for their food!

It was a time when men were made up of raw power and strength and their families survival was based on primal behaviour and the ability to hunt, gather and bring back food to their partners. Ever since then, there has always been a desire women possess that attracts them to men who can GET THE JOB DONE!

These days most men don’t hunt, fight or even so much as lift a finger when it comes to providing meals for their wives or partners. They leave it all up to their spouse and the worse part is even if they were forced to cook, they wouldn’t know where to begin!

Women are attracted to men who are confident, capable and assertive in all areas of their lives. They don’t like weak or needyand they certainly expect more from you on days centered around romance like anniversaries, birthdays, date night and most importantly, Valentines Day.

If you ever wanted to step up your game and have the same allure, confidence and charm as “James Bond” then The Gentleman’s Cookbook will be your best tool and step-by-step guide to meeting these standards – Hands Down!

The Gentleman’s Cookbook is complete blueprint dedicated to helping any man achieve the perfect day of romance with acomplete recipe guide, dinner prep tips and a step-by-step manual for every part of the evening from music selection to proper wine pairings for your dinner – its a touch of class combined with a true gentleman’s approach to cooking for your partner and being the man among men.

  • Learn how to prepare over 80 carefully selected gourmet recipes that taste amazing and make you look like a true gentlemen

  • No special skills required: Discover the simple ways to easily prepare fancy gourmet meals that could pass any top culinary chef taste test

  • Learn the essentials on preparing 3-course meals for an evening of taste sensations and sensual delights with wine, music and dessert

  • We are talking supreme, exquisite, never before attempted versions of the finest culinary recipes that belong in the classiest of restaurants. Even true connoisseurs will be peaking over your shoulder!   

  • Win her heart by learning some new skills. Whether you are trying to start something new or re-kindle the romance, this is the fast-track way to winning her heart for the 1st, 2nd or 50th time

  •  Save money by replacing those expensive restaurant bills with equally exquisite meals at home for a fraction of the cost – everything from appetizers, entrées to desserts

  • Earn the respect and admiration of your lady by becoming a man of class and taste with your newfound knowledge of meal pairings 

  • There’s nothing to beat a home cooked meal, prepared with a personal touch, to show a partner – present or prospective – you take pride in interests other than yourself

  • Master the art of wine pairings with specific foods (you will never have to guess or worry again)

  • Learn how to cook the absolute Perfect Steak with a no-fail instruction list for even the pickiest of eaters – medium rare to well done. You got this now!

  • Set the mood and instantly have a romantic atmosphere with our provided worldly playlist. Just hit play and let the night begin. The perfect set list while you wine and dine.

  • Master the art of being a True Gentleman with the 12 Dinner Date Guidelines in the 5 Minute Guide to ensure you have everything covered for any romantic evening.

  • Impress more than just your partner! Imagine surprising your parents, family or friends with a delectable 3-course meal menu on any given night along with your new and interesting ability to pair elegant wines and desserts with every meal.

Gentleman's Cookbook

Valentines Day Edition

  • 80 easy to prepare restaurant grade gourmet recipes with pictures

  • 8 printable done-for-you 3-course meal menus

  • 5 Minute Step-By-Step Dinner Date Manual


  • The true gentleman's perfect dinner date checklist

  • Suggested perfect wine pairings

  • Complete music playlist selection

What Are You Waiting For?

You know you want to be a good man and treat your woman right.

I know you do.

Lack of knowledge is not a reason to give up. Don’t be lazy.

That is exactly WHY we came up with The Gentleman’s Cookbook.

We too struggled with this for years!

This cookbook and these specialty guides are the next step in becoming a better partner and being the gentlemen she secretly wants you to be.

The best part is that she will appreciate you even more for taking action on it without her requesting it of you.

Trust me: use these gourmet recipes and practice the tips we have available for you in this program and you will melt her heart and finally be a True Gentleman for the rest of your lifetime.

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”
- Marcus Aurelius

Your Gentleman Chefs,

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